About Us
Natural Furnishing

Natural Furnishing Pvt. Ltd., established in year 2008, is emerging as one of the truely leading comapnu in the field of interior and exterior finishing work. It's clear motive is to rewrite definition of creating perfect platform for our clients to actually visualize what they think thus what they get is what they always dreamt about. In a short span of time Natural Furnishing has achieved business success without compromising on its valued system and won the trust and confidence of architects, interior customers and assiciates alike.

Constructing and decorating a home can be exhausting and if you don't have the skills and abilities in your back pocket you need some decorating help. We at Natural Furnishing have professionalls who will help you with decorating tips, tricks and ideas that will help you to create the home of your dreams and make every decorating project easy and stress free! Our decorating assistant will get you organized so you can make the right decisions quickly and easily.we will help you arrange furniture, layout a floor plan and see what your room will look like before you floor, paint or buy furniture, artwork, accessories, etc.

We create photorealistic image of each of your rooms inside the computer model. Using right color and texture today will bring out the full potential of your designs. Doing it on actual basis would be too expensive, impracticable and time consuming. So why not take full advantage of our system, and ensure what we provide for you is 100% intentional in advance.Various scenarios can be created and shown to you with multitude of different interior design schemes. Not only are these schemes, photorealistic, our design schemes are geometrically and pictorially accurate too. Probably, the largest benefit of all without any doubt is having the knowledge of what your dream home project will look like when it is finished.

We believe that good design is the physical experience of sound ieas, imjagination and creativity. We strive to create design solutions that are a thoughtful response to their program mission, physical setting and functional purpose. We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, aligning ourselves with our client's goals, delivering services that meet their quality, schedule and cost objectives.

Our Team
Aluminium Working Team
- Raj Wosti (Team Head) & 7 workers under his supervision
- Ram K.C. (Team Head) & 9 workers under his supervision
- Gyanu Shrestha (Team Head) & 9 workers under his supervision

Aluminium Composite Panel Team
- Sanjaya Sharma (Team Head) & 12 workers under his supervision
- Manoj Shrestha (Team Head) & 10 workers under his supervision
- Kishor Singh (Team Head) & 9 workers under his supervision

Furniture Team
- Rajendra Teli Shah (Team Head) & 5 workers under his supervision
- Mahesh Shah (Team Head) & 5 workers under his supervision
- Krishna Rajbanshi (Team Head) & 6 workers under his supervision

Furniture Polish Team
- Krishna Thapa Magar (Team Head) & his team
- Bimal Thapa (Team Head) & his team
- Sarfud Khan (Team Head) & his team

False Ceiling Team
- Jange B. (Team Head) & 5 workers under his supervision
- Mukesh Sharma (Team Head) & 6 workers under his supervision
- Sarman Arya (Team Head) & his team

Parquet Fitting Team
- Chandraman Shrestha (Team Head) & his team
- Raju Thapa (Team Head) & his team

Supervisor Team
- Suk Lal Tamang
- Navaraj Regmi
- Resham Dhakal
- Ram Krishna Thapa

Designer Team
- Nirman Raj Basnet (Civil Engineer)
- Yelina Tamrakar (Interior Designer)